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This two way design, double wing pallet is reversible and thus has the same amount of top and bottom deck boards. Due to the fact that they allow for lift truck fork and transport entry in all directions, they are referred to as full 4 way. Due to the extension of the deck boards beyond the stringers, it is often referred to as the strongest pallet design. Porno visite appart visite chatte viva le sex vivant sexe vive le cul vive le porno vive le sexe vive porno vivre de sexe vizel du porno voici porno voila la sex voilamonporno voila nu voila porn voilaporn voilaporno. They are useful for dense concentrated loads when bottom deck boards are not essential and typical uses include dairy, paper, brick, soda and certain building materials that are not subject to crushing failure. The wider spacing on the bottom of the boards is  utilized to reduce the amount of lumber and weight while at the same time retaining the physical advantages of double Decker pallets. L xe ounane lika raribi porno. Tatan piscine piscine cul nu pisicne pisse de femme pisse dessus pisse lesbiene pisse sur pisseuse pisse visage Pissing piss uro pizzas pkrno voisine plage chaude plage espagne plage filles plage nudist plage nudiste plage porno plage sex plages.

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